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Capturing the Beauty
of Nature

“Beauty is our heart opener that will make us all fall in love with the planet in order to protect it.” – Louie Schwartzberg

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Nature Inspired Fine Art

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“Awe is healing. A sense of wonder is the therapy for

our disconnection with the Natural world.”

- Cosmologist Thomas Berry

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iMa Nature Art is a collection of Nature inspired fine art for your home or business that blends the magical world of wildlife and a multitude of lifeforms with powerful images of the divine feminine from around the world. 


These exquisite pieces are available as luxury fine art metal prints.

Please explore the shop for purchasing details.

This piece is called 'Breathing with the Trees'.

View more Video Art here.


To learn more about the power of planting the seeds of change visit

'Trees Are Awesome' was created by my husband Peter and I out of our passion for creating educational and inspirational content that explores the restorative power of strategic tree planting and offers easy and accessible ways to get involved.

Thank you for your interest, we hope you will join our community!

100 Trees Are Planted in Your Honor for Every Image Sold

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